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Narmin Salmanli

Nakhchivan State University

PhD student



The article talks about the Duzdag salt reserve in the territory of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, the geology of the area where the deposit is located, the history of production, the economic-geographical importance of the salt reserve, as well as therapeutic recreation. 

Salt reserves in the Duzdag field in the Babek region are estimated at 1 billion tons. A branch of the Duzdag massif is located in the southwest of Jahri village, southeast of Gulshanabad village.

The use of salt reserves in the Duzdag massif has an ancient history. For the first time, scientific research on the salt deposit was found in an article by G. Voskaboynikov in 1830. Q. Abix (1857), Q.Q. Chulukidze (1869), K.N. Paffengols (1930), K. Nikitin (1882), S. Zelinski, P. Nadezhdin, and other researchers reported about the deposit. At the same time, V. Muradov wrote a monograph on the production and sale of salt.

According to the information received from the enterprise, 4189.4 tonnes of rock salt and 1995.5 tonnes of ground salt were produced in the first 10 months of the current year. 1467.3 tonnes of produced rock salt and 2164.9 tonnes of ground salt were sold. According to calculations, if only the salt reserve of the Duzdag mine is used to meet the demand for salt, the reserve of this deposit will reach approximately 150 years.

The height of Duzdag above sea level, the existing weather conditions in the mines, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and the percentage of oxygen and bacteriological composition make the treatment of patients suffering from asthma and allergies here ideal.

At the end of the article, there is information about the impact of the opening of the "Zangazur Corridor" on the economic life of Nakhchivan.

Keywords: Nakhchivan AR, rock salt reserves, Duzdag, therapeutic recreation, Zangezur Corridor

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